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Sean Overman
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16 Nov 2010 12:55 AM  

Subject: USchedule Release
Build: 1.2.0
Release Date:  Thursday, May 27, 2010

Please refer to the USchedule v1.2 User Interface Change Guide for detailed description of changes to the USchedule user interface and control panel.

USchedule 1.2.0 Release Notes

ENH – Change in the Control Panel access and replacement of links for navigation.
ENH – Main scheduler booking page now includes slide outs to display pictures and descriptions for employees, services and resources when a customer books online.
ENH – Complete overhaul of Reports options.  Now includes eight new reports with multiple selectable parameters for customizing each report.   Additional ability to print or export reports to these formats – PDF, Excel, CSF, RTF, TIFF and Web Archive.
ENH – Rebook option added to calendar.
ENH – Title bar on the View Schedules page that includes employee name can now be locked to not scroll with the calendar.
ENH – Customer selector moved to top left of New Appointment page.
ENH – Ability to choose custom colors for appointments, events and blocked time on calendar.
ENH – Registrants tab added to event tool tip on employee calendar.
ENH – Ability to set price and commission rate for employee, service and designated time frames.
ENH – Right-click on an appointment in the calendar now includes reschedule option.
ENH – Event tool tip now displays event end time if applicable.
ENH – Confirmation message is now displayed when employee options are saved.
ENH – Resources are now blocked when attached services are booked via quick appointment.
EHN – Notes can be carried forward on appointments created with rebook.
ENH – Multi-day event occurrences on employee schedule now display which day it is. (i.e. “Day 3 of 4”)
ENH – Choose sort order for employees, resources and pre-paid services.
ENH – Using rebook with pre-paid services is now more intuitive.
ENH – Can now add incremental units to pre-paid service cards.
ENH – New features added to email marketing to enhance and simplify.
ENH – In addition to being able to change passwords, users can now change their own User Name.
ENH – Deleting an employee or customer now disables the user name and password.

FIX – Employees no longer receive new appointment confirmation emails when existing appointments are rescheduled.
FIX – Cancel button on customer “View My Options” page removed.

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