1.1.7 Build Notice
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Sean Overman
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16 Nov 2010 12:53 AM  

USchedule 1.1.07 Release Notes

ENH – Order of services and service types can be changed.
ENH – New text editor added.
ENH – Options to display employee calendar in 15 min, 30 min or 1 hour increments added.
ENH – Event Occurrences added to make creating versions of the same event easier.
ENH – Employees can now add new clients from the events calendar.
ENH – Icons added to indicate if a customer has paid online or paid using a prepaid service card.
ENH – Can now set minimum enrollment for event and select an action to take of minimum is not met by selected date/time.
ENH – Events can now be deleted as well as cancelled.
ENH – Employees in reception role can now add prepaid service cards to customer accounts.
ENH – Can now set recurring appointments as “All Day”.
ENH – Event calendar now expands to display all events for each day.
ENH – Enhancements to quick appointment interface.
ENH – Appointment end time now displayed on appointment in employee calendar.

FIX – Delete prepaid services now works as intended.
FIX – Creating a new event category while adding a new event now functions properly.
FIX – Icon for extended service description is now hidden if there is no extended description.
FIX – “Back to events” link now takes user to expected place.
FIX – All events in events list now display dates.
FIX – Show events display mode options changed to radio buttons.
FIX – Event occurrence booking now works as expected.
FIX – Event start and end times now work as expected.
FIX – Unexpected behavior of events calendar fixed.
FIX – No longer allowed to enter event date, cutoff date and publish date in illogical order.
FIX – “Book it” button no longer disappears when new customer is added to event.
FIX – Event participants no longer disappear when an occurrence is cancelled.
FIX – No longer receive an error when selecting Personal Appointment from the service drop down list.
FIX – Filter event categories now functioning properly.

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